The Albino Raven, N'Orleans
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coming aboard and sharing our
 treasures, our services and our shared world!

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Alchemy of England
Absinthe Set

Three pieces ~ spoon, glass, shot
glass ~  in exquisite green glass 
with pewter findings
featuring the Green Faery!
(scarf, absinthe bottle
and tray NOT included,
personal items) 


Alchemy Absinthe

Single glass showing
the Green Faery design
~ to 
share with a lover!?


Alchemy Absinthe
Shot Glass

Perfect in its simplicity, note
the Faery on the
glass bottom!



Alchemy Bejeweled
Absinthe Spoon

Pewter filigree
spoon inset
  with a Swarovski
emerald crystal


Alchemy Absinthe Spoon
(same as in the set)

A simple, elegant
Green Faery
creates the spoon



Vintage Absinthe

Imported from Europe,
a charming advertising
snowglobe for the Fae's
favourite drink!
In a lovely floral box.





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