As the Parrot Flies ~ Contact Us!

Though the trade winds carry us beyond the horizon, we return
often with chests laden with
goods and treasures, unusual finds
and creature comforts ~ you can always reach us 
our Effigy address:

Regarding special requests or assistance with a poppet,
offering, ritual, etc. ~
Please know that 
we will return your request for assistance
as quickly as possible and of course, all matters are 
We do not engage in revenge majick and our poppets are not
pin cushions for anger.



Questions and inquiries regarding copyrights should
be  submitted to us in writing.
We hold legal 
copyrights on all of our creative and artistic
expressions and creations, and we will not ignore the
theft of our designs, concepts, final works.
Kindly send your query to us at ~


1913 West Roosevelt Road, Front Suite  
Broadview, IL 60155 USA


CyphreVoudouDocklands is an online experience.
We are also vendors at conventions, pyrate gatherings,
similar events.
  Our studio is NOT open to the public. 

Please bookmark us and sail by often. If we can make
your voyage more satisfying, let us know.

Never forget ~

Come for the Treasure, Stay for the Majick

Imagination is our Trade










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