Bounty from Orchidea Negra
Cargo from 'cross the Atlantic and 'round the Southern Hemisphere to the Far East
and back again. Treasure hard fought for and hard won ~
  now offered to you
kindly folks who've come down to the docks. We deal fairly and you know you won't
be disappointed. Take your time, open the cargo chests and see what appeals to you.
Thank ye for stopping by ~ any questions the quartermaster can't answer, well, you
can find the crewe at the Albino Raven ... what else?

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The Pyrate's Chest
A repurposed vintage
wood chest that reflects 
the life at sea, inside is a
Jolly Roger magnifying
glass in silk bag!



OOAK Stained Glass
Pyrate Chest

Wonderful creation, great detail,
interior removable tray, Jolly Roger
etched on front, even a mini-padlock!
Created by gifted artist Suzy Rosema!


Personal Journal

Original art by
B. Fister-Liltz.
Copyright 2013



"The Saucy Seductress"

Tumbling delightfully
from her ruffles, she
aims to please ~
seated on a cask
of rum. +Presentation
box arrival.

$45.00 (last one)


"The Captain"

She's stunning! About 18" tall,
beautiful detailing. Her bounty 
of treasure at her booted feet.
Fine +presentation box arrival.

$45.00 (last one)


"Shiver Your Timbers!"

Cannon poised, she's
ready to fight ~ she
is about 18" tall.
Fine +presentation
box arrival.

$45.00 (last one)


A Fine Grog Flask
Fine leather embossed
with the Jolly Roger,
worn on one's belt,
a glass flask is tucked
inside (you supply
the rum)



Bone Hangers!
Heavyweight, unique,
only three (3) left!

$15.00 each


Book of Shadows



"A Pyrate's Skull"
Book of Shadows

The skull holds the
spot the treasure be!


"A Pyrate's Life for Me"
Book of Shadows

Pyratical findings and
scrap on fine burlap



"Anchor Away"
Book of Shadows

Mystery at sea for
your dangerous
thoughts and plans




"The Magnificent, Mischievous
Adventures of Captain Jack Bast"
Paper Doll

Limited Edition: Comes with POTC 
crayolas. Printed on substantial
weight cover stock.




"The Cat in the Tricorne Hat"
Mary Reed
Cover by Wanda Lybarger

(8.5"x11") fanzine ~
delightful and most 

Limited Copies!


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