The Brethren of the Dark Coast

Welcome ~ our crewe is the Brethren of the Dark Coast, and we are Gothik Pyrates ~ dedicated to pyrates, buccaneers,
privateers, steampyrates, vampyrates, and all manner of the creatures of the Dark Coast. Our crewe has Sea Gypsies,
lycans and shapeshifters, Cajun faeries, witches and practioners of various Paths, revenants, ghosts, creatures, the
occasional monster, more ~ we are eclectic in composition as well as tastes. We staunchly protect the oceans, seas, inland
waters, rivers, the living beings who live there and who fly above them ~ we serve to protect the dark ones in this world and
in the worlds of endless Imagination who inhabit the waters and shores of this world. You are most welcome to join us!
Please visit ~ ~ to sign up (complimentary).

Official Brethren of the Dark Coast Map Bag ~ Sturdy canvas, inner pocket, brass fasteners, wide shoulder strap, deep purple imprint on washed denim canvas. Available at the Gothik Pyrates Shelter!







Fair winds to Dark Places,


Capt. Rev. Julian Arkane

Theo Nightingale, Revenant








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