Corso's ~ Les Livres, Spitalfields, London
You are seduced the moment you enter the shoppe ~ the rows of shelves, the stained
 glass lamps, the flickeringgaslights, the locked heavily carved wood cabinets with
 beveled glass so you can see the most rare and choice volumes. The place is filled with
the incense of majick. Searches can be acquired,for a price. Mr. Corso is currently on an extended research and buying trip in Europe, but the sisters Dupres, Madeleine and 
Marais, will cordially welcome you and be of utter assistance. Hours are flexible.

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Antique Treasure:
Small Collection
of Selected Poems
Robert Browning

Exquisite padded
cover, beautiful
interior illustrations,
a romantic's
dream volume! 

Some wear on the
spine; does not
deter from the
uniqueness of this



A Gift of the Raj

Silk green scarf,
3 bracelets, leather 
 journal, a set of
4 vintage napkin
rings from India,
all presented in an
enhanced wood box.




MiLady's Travel Box

Contains: 1896 Evening Tales
by Amelia S. Burr, vintage
postcards, travel
a pyrate heart box with a vintage
American sterling & 
 effigy necklace ~
Presented in a "postal de cartes"
decorated wood box.



Timeless Love Journal
A gently steampunk
book for your thoughts
with a French  sense of
elegance and charm


Naturally Steamed

Rugged repurposed
 handmade journal that
gleefully looks plucked from
gentle stream of mystery




The Key to Your
Dreams Journal

Repurposed keys,
ribbons, bits of trim,
muted papered cover


Parisian Flea Market

Funky, pretty, cool,
fill-able ~ miniatures,
key, bits of found
this and that, velvet


Eternal Valentine

Highly embroidered
book with a sweet
cameo heart, pink
sheer silk ribbons
and accents


Oo~La~La! For
a Francophile

A melange cover of
things from Paris:
metal decoratives,
velvet ribbons, 
strings of petite pink
 pearls, richly toned
buttons, more.




History of
Invention & Industry

"Der Trompeter non Sakkinger"
by von J.V.vScheffel,
published in 1895 in 
German ~ a Humboldt
in a
vintage steel case ~
a gray leather personal
 diary ~ a wine glass from
Weinstub, Schloss Heidelburg



Nature BookEnd: Beetle

notepad, twig 
a large horned beetle in
simple presentation
in a dual-glass frame.

Also, a capture box
holding a large moth
post-natural death.
Madagascar origin.



Nature BookEnd:

Vintage dual-lens magnifying
a twig pencil,
a fine scorpion specimen harvested
natural death (from Thailand)
 and preserved in a dual glass frame





Nature BookEnd:
Polybothris sumptuosa
(iridescent beetle)

Vintage notebook for your
markings and observations,
a unique twig pencil,
iridescent beetle (from Madagascar},
harvested post-natural-death and
preserved in a dual-glass frame




The Paris Exposition

French, slip-covered edition
of "Peter Rabbit" by
Beatrix Potter, illustrated,

a proper Parisian notepad,
a brass piano buckle
(circa 1978), a stunning
1920's vintage vermeil
necklace inset with real
gemstones tucked into a
scarlet satin pouch, an
quartz from




Nature BookEnd:
Anaea Cyanea

An inlaid magnifying
glass, a twig 
 a capture box,
a lovely butterfly 

harvested upon 
natural death and 

preserved in glass.
From Peru. 



"Toulouse-Lautrec's Table"
Diego-Dortignac, Naudin & Daguin

Lavish, delicious book of Lautrec's art complimented
with recipes, photos of the period. Photography
of actual homes and studios and mansions
that have survived from "la belle epoch"
until now, all which reflect the style and
fashion of Lautrec's lifetime.

An attached ribbon bookmark, hardcover, 
but n
o slipcover. 



Kama Sutra
Pillow Book

  Beautifully rendered
in full colour, and
text, in a small
from the
ancient erotic

Not intended for

A gift for a 
treasured lover

Mint condition.
A small book.






101 Scottish
Country Dances

1961 edition
published in Scotland 

A small book, with 
a bounty of 
drawings of so many
dances, from reels
to rows! 

A tasty bit of the



Curious Dreams 

 An absinthe candle,
 a handmade leaded
glass spider,
an impressive
magnifying glass
enhanced by an
arachnid handle,
a white silk rose
with a tiny
artificial spider. 

The over-all motif
of webs prevails.






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