For a Gentleman ~ on the High Street
A refined, elegant and yet very personal boutique of fine items of interest to a gentleman, presented by
(former privateer) Montgomery Delano Richmond. He's a force of nature, as you know, on shore and at sea,
but he truly is in his element now in this pleasant retirement. We begin by offering vintage accesories ~

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Vintage Agate Buckle

An impressive addition to a
 4.50"x 2.50" ~ in a +gift box.


Western Belt Buckle

Intricately designed in a
western style, agate
never used.
In a black bag.


US Army
Brass Buckle

Heavy leather belt, never worn,
circa WWII issue.



Vintage Watch Chain

A full 16.24" in length,
slide clasp, loop for 

pocket watch ~
in a +presentation box.  
Circa 1920s


Collectible Wells Fargo
Cufflinks & TiePin

Emblazoned with the
company's famous
logo, given as a
gift to honoured

In a +wooden


Handmade Leather Sporran


Dark rich brown 
pebbled leather, tassels, 
generous straps.


Vintage Inlaid
Tie Bar

Masculine, simple ~
with sky
blue inlaid design.  


Vintage Stick Pin

Gold finding holds a strong
beveled amber gemstone.

In a 
+presentation box.


Collectible Broken

Even now it conjurs
up days 
past, a beer
 at the local bar,
brown tweed suit.
 A reminder 
of the
In a +wood box.


Collectible Vintage

A solid, stylish pocket
from the Fifties
 comes in a +
black bag.


Vintage Watch Fob

Gold-toned gold mesh,
engraved caps,
tassel, 4" chain, in
a +gift box.


"Master and Commander"
Desk Box

Enhanced by miniature of
Captain Jack 
(Russell Crowe) from the film
"Master and Commander"

Art by B. Fister-Liltz, Copyright 2010.
A small 
journal tucked inside. 








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