From a Darkened Theatre ~ Pinewood Row
The Majick lives here! We still show films on reels, you know, and there's still
hot buttered popcorn in the lobby.(The smell drives people crazy)
Come see our movies, old
and new, and stay to enjoy the comfort of a private viewing
boxfor rarities from the silent
era thru binging cable series. Whatever you indulge
in, be sure to waltz into the Cinema Suite,our shoppe for memorabilia, posters,
lobby cards, books, toys, autographed photos
and stills. Some delicious
collectables will tempt you and you SHOULD
give in. You deserve to feed
your Imagination and fantasies.

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  Thank you, dear customers!

Fu Manchu For President Poster


Posted in NYC
during a past

national election,
a few disappeared
from walls and
subways and
lightposts, only
to become something
of an urban legend
for collectors.

There is a bit of
ruffling along the
edge and tiny
pinpricks but
the image is clear
and amazing.

We only have

It will come 
rolled in a 
suitably safe





Ltd. Ed. Statue  

( free "Gladiator" Cow! )

Exquisite and powerful!
Pristine. Maximus never
looked more honourable.

All papers included,
PLUS you get the dear
Gladiator Cow too!
The cow was part of an
art-for-charity exhibit
in Austin, Texas. At
the end of the exhibition 
all of the cows were
auctioned off. The cows

were life-size!
Russell Crowe won the
Gladiator cow and
it to the city, along
 with a handsome cheque.





The Official SyFy Channel Watch

Offered to celebrate
the birth
of the channel!

Limited Edition!

Created by Stephane
Rayna for Boy, UK,

sold in US and
Canada, never worn.

NEW quartz battery,
stainless steel body.

Comes in a unique
metal container

Contact us for further
details ~ 



"2010" Monolith

Can't be used as a bookend
as it isn't very heavy.

Made of acrylic and 
it's very cool

 Cue the soundtrack!
6.5"x 5"x 4"



"Flesh + Blood"
Sword in Stone


Nicely weighted with a removable
that becomes a
letter opener




"Indiana Jones"
Baseball Cap

Promotional cap, beige
cotton, NEW, 
back, adult size,
made in USA.


"20,000 Leaques Under the Sea"


We have three (3) in stock



Vintage Micky Mouse

Never worn, Circa 1960's,
traditional length
 and width,
fashioned from fine silk.




"Calvin and Hobbes"
RARE Necktie

Never released, it's 
become something of
great desire. Incredible full

colour artwork, never worn,
perfect. We have only one!


"Nightmare Before C'mas" Pin

Ltd. Ed. Holiday release
collectible for the first Anaheim park
re-imagining of their
Haunted Mansion
during the holidays 


"Neverland Pirate Power"

Hook and crewe delightfully
depicted on this
collectible pin.
 Never worn.





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