L'Opera de la Nuit ~ the High Street
He's here ... always and forever ... your eternal love, your musical master ...
he wears many masques and he haunts the Opera House and your hungry
 heart ... step through the mirror and glide into the dream he has majickally
created ... let your senses go and your soul will follow ... 

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The Master's
Treasure Casket

Featuring original Eric art
by B. Fister-Liltz.

An elegant, padded fabric
treasure box, augmented

with velvet ribbons, lace,
gemstones, miniature
more. OOAK 


Thru the Mirror
Shadow Book

A severe black
journal enhanced 

with a dark mirror,
vintage lace,
small satin roses,
more ...

For your innermost
thoughts and dreams.


 Shadow Book

Soft burgundy suede
cover is 
presented with
black velvet
ribbons, tiny roses,
pastel parchments.
wisps of musical
scores, a glorious
dimensional heart!
For your
private fantasies
and poetics.




The Phantom's Heart
~ a Treasure Box

Luxurious red satin, beaded heart box, 
 with tiny white silk roses, satin ribbons,
a golden 
beaded frame hosting a miniature
by B. Fister-
Liltz. OOAK


"Through Phantom Eyes"

An entrancing
Phantom novel 

by Theodora Bruns.
A fine, well-written,
intelligently crafted
first novel ~ romantic and
poignant, delicately
presented. Cover art by the

Trade paperback.

 $8.00 on sale
($15.00 reg)


The Sadie Montgomery
Phantom Quartet

An extraordinary reading
experience, rich and 
Fall in love all over again.
One of the very best!
Trade Paperback

 $30.00 on sale
(The set ordinarily sells
for $64.00)


"The Phantom of Manhattan"

Frederick Forsyth

This inspired 
"Love Never Dies"!

perfectly memorable. New.

 $6.00 on sale
($20.00 reg)

"Darkness Brings the Dawn"

Jodi Leisure Minton

Fiercely erotic, sensually
explicit, strictly for adults ~
we do not recommend
this novel be given 
to readers under the
age of 18. 

Signed by the 
Trade paperback.

 $8.00 sale
($20.00 reg)

"The Phantom of the Opera"

Illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt

Ravishingly exquisite artwork 
by a master artist ~

drown in the lavish beauty and
Large size, soft-cover edition.

 $8.00 on sale
($20.00 reg)




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