Owen's Grove ~ near St. Brendan's Market

All products are prepared by hand with respect and reverence
for tradition.
Tranquil, relaxing, enhancing ... this small and delightfully crowded shoppe tuckedinto a robust grove
of  ancient trees has been a main-stay with us for years. Owen Templar will welcome you warmly, offer
something to quaff your thirst and then discuss your needs and his suggestions. The scripts and recipes
Owen produces in small quantity are based on Druidic tradition, with a strong reverence for the ancestors.
Some of the offerings are seasonal,of course. We're told Owen is working on "something new" ... 

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Incense and Potpourri

Created with real wormwood,
the base ingredient of absinthe.
Very strong, heady, somewhat
licorice-scented mixture, in a
green bag with a sterling silver
faery charm attached. One dry
ounce potpourri/incense.
NOTE: this is NOT a tea and
should NEVER be consumed.


Druid's Dream
For ritual or room en-
hancement ~ Indian rose,
hibiscus petals, lavender,
mistletoe, wormwood, frank-
incense and other freshly
dried ungredients, presented
in a lovely star-flecked draw-
string bag with seashells, a
polished stone and glass 
ladybug. Primarily for astral
travel, meditation, psychic
explorations, pastlife re-
gression, complimentary to
any ritual or experience.
One dry ounce incense/


The Green Faery
informs us that,
due to popular
demand, Owen's
Grove is currently
out of ~

Ostara, the Spring
celebratory blend

Easy Evening
Infusion, Owen's
wonderful tisane/

We will post when
the items are in
stock again.




"The Hermit"

A ruggedly charming
and most useful 
fellow for your grove,
 your garden or home ~

a wizard with oil lamp
can be lit!

Vintage: 50-60 yrs., over
5 pounds in weight,

Note: this is extremely
and can also
be used outdoors. Shipping
to be determined with sale.




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