Greetings and Welcome ~                                  

We're back from long months at sea, traversing oceans 'round the world, gathering goods and treasures from the past and today and the tomorrows to come. This is our new port so it will take a bit of exploration to find the tales and cargo we've garnered ~ visit the shoppes, meet the fine folk who live and work here, allow yourself to be dazzled, entertained, amused and pleased by what we have to offer. Travel your mind to the places on our travels and immerse yourself in our imagined world. 

Goods will be arriving often, we hope, and we'll have everything displayed soon. Please bear with us! This has been a mighty change but a good one, we feel. We even, ahem, acquired a new vessel ~ Orchidea Negra ~ and she's quite the beauty. 

Time to return to the ship and the bounty we've gathered for you. Thank you for sailing to our new port. You are always welcome here in Home Port!

Fair winds to dark places,

Captain Daniel Hawthorne 
Master, "Orchidea Negra"





                Come for the Treasure ~

                                                          Stay for the Majick                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



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