The Captain's Private Reserve Offering

On occasion when Fortune has especially graced us, we are
able to offer ~ at the Captain's discretion ~ a solitary prize
of special interest. As we welcome our visitors aboard this
new port, we are especially pleased to offer our Captain's      

Private Reserve Offering!

The sale is simple: after the Offering is posted, notification
will also be
posted on our Cyphre Voudou Docklands Facebook
 board and our CyphreVoudouDocklands Twitter account. There
are no negotiations, no bidding. Whomever accepts
the Offering and posts the price, will get the treasure. 


Our First Private Reserve Offering will be ~



Coming soon ... the notice will be posted here and our
Facebook Cyphre Voudou Docklands Page,
and on
our CyphreVoudouDocklands Twitter account



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