Prestige ~ Rare, Unusual, and Collectables
Simply put, we offer, from time to time, items of a most unusual or special nature. Some are one-of-a-kind
and some are of a collectable nature. These are prestige items. Inquiries are always welcome. Please direct your
questions to us at ~ in the subject
line add "Prestige" ~ thank you.



The First Automobile Dashboard Clock! 

Rare! Highly collectible!
This clock runs
for 8 days,
made to fit in the dashboard of a vintage
automobile (see photo on right above).

 Made by Waltham Company, which cleaned
 it for us ~ and, happily, declared the clock as
perfect, containing all original
working parts.

The clock is quite heavy (over a pound) as
well as solid. It is presented to you in a black
velvet-lined box with snap fastener. 

 A handmade silk ascot has been added. Just
because we thought it seemed a nice touch.

The black presentation case in lovingly
tucked into a substantial book-box
well-appointed with vintage images.


Due to the value of this antique, shipping
will be decided upon consideration of
of purchase after mutual discussion.
Delivery in-person is possible for 
a customer living in the Chicago or
western suburbs area.
This antique is circa early 1900's,
so we want to protect it.


Contact us at: 



The 2000 Greenwich
Commemorative Coin
The International Observatory

Greenwich, England

Presented in a
burgundy velvet box,

 the celestial engraving
is very fine and
extremely detailed.

Each disk
was dipped in gold.
Certificate of
authenticity is
included, of course.


Limited Edition.




EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: If you are ordering from outside the US, your order will require INTERNATIONAL
SHIPPING ~ We request that you send your order to us at ~ USPS International Flat Rate
will be used wherever possible to give you secure shipping at the most sensible price, unless you request another form
of shipping. We are making this change because we are concerned about your shopping experience and our fulfillment
of your requests.  NO international orders will be fulfilled nor will funds be exchanged without the customer's expressed
confirmation via email reply.
  Thank you, dear customers!


Bounty ~ the Gift of Giving 
We offer the service of gift wrapping for occasions ~ kindly tell us atthe time you're placing an order and we will
contact you regarding the details, such as recipient, address, date of arrival, etc. We offer the gift wrap complimentary
and you will pay for the shipping. Reminder: if shipping out of the continental US, please bear in mind that transit
takes longer, especially during the holiday season.
Looking for a special gift or a unique way to celebrate an occasion? We offer BOUNTY ~  select one of the
two gift bags pictured here depending on the amount of treasure you'd like to send someone. Select a price of $25.00US
or $50.00US and we will fill the bag for your recipient with a variety of our products. If you want a theme of products
we can manage that as well. You can send us a card or letter to be included in the bag,or if you prefer, we will include a
card in your name. When ordering BOUNTY we request that you send a phone number if we have questions. 


Grand Bounty ~ $50.00US
Exquisite nautical motif with
complimentary toned filler, a
perfect nest for the
 treasures you wish to send.





Fine Bounty ~ $25.00US
The same fascinating motif bag
with complimentary toned filler,
a sweet pillow for treasures.



















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