Sea Gypsies Carnivale ~ in Calypso Square
Come one! Come all! See the wild dances and hear the mournful violins! Have
your fortune told and try your luck at a game of chance! Come see the Menagerie
and take home a stuffed prize! Imagine you're only 10 again ....

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Vintage Leather
Commedia dell'arte

Elegant, exquisitely
handmade, vividly
tinted in shades of
violet-blue thru 
purple ~ lacy straps.
Sold as a decorative.
Stand not included.



 "Elton the Elf"

 Created by D'Anton of Spain. 
With inset eyes, applied
lashes, sculpted head
and hands, wig, wearing
a sweet outfit featuring
a faux fur collar
Adorably special!


Vintage Leather
Commedia dell'arte

"Constable" signed by
C8W, copyright 1994.
Uniquely masculine,
sculpted leather, lacy
straps, autumnal
shades of gold and
russet. Note: the
intentional "scar" on 
cheek. Sold as a
decorative. Stand
is not included.



"Nightmare Before
Christmas" Pin

From Anaheim, 
holiday season of 
the Nightmare

transformation of
the Haunted Mansion



"Nightmare Before
Christmas" Lanyar
From Anaheim, first
holiday season of
the Nightmare
transformation of
 the Haunted Mansion





An Original
Nancy Kolar Dragon

RARE! Handmade, filled with pellets,
poseable, wearing handmade
samurai outfit, with little sword

Never played with! Rare!



"LinTao ~ Urban Feline Hussy"

Fully jointed, applied green eyes, wig, completely
poseable, imported acrylic plush, beaded accessories,
naughty, small
  knife in her boots, vintage jewelry

Not intended for children ~ LAST ONE!


                             Concept and Creation copyright 2011
                 B. Fister-Liltz ~ "cloth flesh" & Special Services Unltd.

                                             (Box not included)

Nancy Kolar Bat
Blonde, handmade
jointed wings
Never played with
(box not included)




Nancy Kolar Bat

Chocolate, handmade
jointed wings

Never played with
(box not included)




"Botha" Marionette Jester

Exceptional design, fine costuming, fully-functional
stringed marionette, with a display stand, mirrored


Neverland Pirates!
Pin, Anaheim

Captain Hook, Smee and the crewe
celebrate "Pirate Power" and so 
should you!





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