Seas and Greetings, Frances Parkway
Holidays are forever and are celebrated year-long. We offer some vintage collectables for your
consideration ...
oh, we DO have an authentic 7' silver Christmas tree from the '70's
replete with a fully
working colour wheel from the same time period!
Imagine the glory
of having this on your ship,
your home, your whatever! Interested? 
Let us hear from you.
This is a serious offer ... really.

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expressed confirmation via email reply.
  Thank you, dear customers!


Original Elf on the Shelf
Tree Topper! 

Never used, charming and
unusual, in a box



2003 Collectible Sailing Ship

A grand glass ball, emblazoned
with a beautiful 
ship. Never used. 
In original container.



Warner Brothers Cartoon 
Christmas 1977 Bell

Daffy, Bugs & Porky ring in 
the holidays, hooray!
5.5" high.



101 Dalmations
Christmas Ornament

Delightful Mum and Pups
in original box, never used
Grolier for Disney - 3.25"tall


"20,000 Leagues Under
the Sea" Ornament

A beloved classic film
celebrated in a classic
holiday ornament.

$20.00 each
(we have three/3)




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