The Albino Crane ~ Hong Kong

The mystery of the Far East beckons Brethren to travel across thunderous seas, over towering mountains of snow and ice, across parched deserts to this evocative city
island ~ it is located on Divinity Street (no, not on any map), but mention 'The General'
to the doorman at Raffles bar and you'll discover it. Prepared to be amazed, offended
and ... well, that would ruin your first visit ...

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The BookEnd:
Japan and China

Miniature tea set, koi chop
chopsticks, travel
journal, Chinese
sticks, antique silk pocket
silken bags for items,
vintage green jade



The Peacock

Asian accents enhance
perfect peacock eye!
Fan and coin charms,
textural papers


The Good Luck

Red is the colour of
fortune and the
journal is covered in
embroidered scarlet satin,

prettily enhanced.



Purple on Fushia
Velvet Shawl

About 72"square, lots
of fringe



Burnout Black
Velvet Shawl

Severe and yet elegant.
Very adaptable.

Heavily fringed.



Fabulous Floral
Velvet Shawl

Lavish 72" square of fringed gorgeousness!



Purple on Purple
Burnout Velvet Shawl

Striking and lavish!
Purple is THE colour,
as we 
Lots of fringe.




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