The Albino Crane ~ Hong Kong Docks
The air is a melange of aromas ~ fresh fish frying, the many incenses, the stirring of exotic vegetables in rich
oil, the tang of the open sea, the overly sweet notes of sandalwood and jasmine, and the press of so many people
on the small strategic
island. The Albino Crane is the Brethren home in the Far East. All manner of goods pass
through the shuttered doors,
some fine, some cheap, some old, some somewhat shady. You'll be welcomed,
treated as an honoured guest and please DO see
the back room if asked.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: If you are ordering from outside the US, your order will require INTERNATIONAL
SHIPPING ~ We request that you send your order to us at ~ USPS International Flat Rate
will be used wherever possible to give you secure shipping at the most sensible price, unless you request another form
of shipping. We are making this change because we are concerned about your shopping experience and our fulfillment
of your requests.  NO international orders will be fulfilled nor will funds be exchanged without the customer's
expressed confirmation via email reply.



The BookEnd:
Japan and China

Miniature tea set, koi chop rests,
chopsticks, travel
journal, Chinese
sticks, antique silk pocket
silken bags
for items, vintage
green jade 


The Peacock

Asian accents
enhance the 
perfect peacock eye!


The Good Luck

Red is the colour of good fortune,
covered in satin, 

prettily enhanced.




                                                                                              Vintage Silk Outfit                                                                                                           

Circa 1920s ~ Vintage pale yellow silk
blouse and knee-length pants.
VERY small!

Due to the age, the elastic in pants is worn.

Sold only as a curiousity or decorative. 

Absolutely NO returns, hence the low price.




Scarlet Red Burnout
Velvet Shawl

Make a statement ~
approx 72" square



Purple on Fushia
Velvet Shawl

About 72"square, lots
of fringe



Burnout Pants

Black on taupe,

Loose but small

$7.00 (no returns)


Burnout Black
Velvet Shawl

Severe and yet elegant.
Very adaptable.

Heavily fringed.



Fabulous Floral
Velvet Shawl

Lavish 72" square of fringed gorgeousness!



Purple on Purple
Burnout Velvet Shawl

Striking and purple is
THE colour, as we 
Lots of fringe.




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