Frequently Asked Questions 

Is CyphreVoudou the same as traditional voudou?  CyphreVoudou is akin to traditional Voudou in its reverence and respect for the ancestral collective, both experience and memory – and in the insight, energy and strength that our ancestors continue to share with us. We consider CyphreVoudou a philosophy for living ~ simple, uncomplicated, undemanding, peaceful and inclusive.

What is CyphreVoudou?  CyphreVoudou is a practical means of applying the accumulated knowledge of the force of nature and inner energy to spiritual technology in order to elevate and celebrate life. CyphreVoudou is adaptable to all belief systems or none at all,  and its cornerstone is a deep abiding reverence for the collective ancestral knowledge and experience, coupled with a dedication to multilevel healing and enlightenment. CyphreVoudou is a practical means of improving one’s lot in life, of bringing happiness, good fortune and success now, when it is needed. CyphreVoudou is not concerned with salvation or afterlife – it is about getting things done now, in this life. CyphreVoudou is an odyssey to your future past.

Our Ancestors  We feel addressing our ancestors, through address and meditation, strengthens the thread of life that enables us to persevere and to accept the challenge of living. We believe our ancestors continue to infuse us with enlightenment and energy ~ that through their past pain, suffering and even passing, we can learn to hone our healing abilities, open our minds to the ever-changing human experience of life, and to become more aware of the happiness offered in all things. We do not pretend to practice the blessed path of traditional Voudou, a complex centuries-old path of majick and faith. Rather, we respect traditional Voudou, its ancestral reverence and its deep abiding shared communal experience. We emulate this by addressing our ancestors in our invocations. We also respect and practice traditional Voudou’s strong reverence for all things of nature. 

Is CyphreVoudou a religion?  CyphreVoudou is not a religion ~ rather, it is a complement to any and all faiths, belief systems as well as a general humanist way of life. It is a very practical and sensible means of enhancing the path one has chosen to follow. Our invocations incorporate our path-life and CyphreVoudou’s strong elemental and ancestral reverence. Our CyphreVoudou Offering incorporates aspects of traditional pagan ritual, a nod to traditional Voudou ritual and invocation of Christian saints, as well as the natural sea paths. Our belief is that we can, through our life-path choice and our commitment to our past and ancestral experience, become stronger and more successful in our lives. We belief strongly in the ever-presence of our ancestors, family members and friends and historical personages as well. And we further believe they are eager and loving in their sharing of their experiences, bad and good, to help us to become more spiritual, more aware, more dedicated to our earth, more protective of our seas and resources, our community and ourselves.

Are there Curses, Wax Dolls, Zombies and Other ”Voodoo” Things in CyphreVoudou?Absolutely not! “Voodoo” as exemplified by pins in dolls, zombies crawling out of new graves, human blood sacrifices, revenge ouanga bags, dead black roosters hanging outside your front door as a warning and all of the other misconceptions ~ these are concoctions of vivid writers and filmmakers. These are the ingredients of great movies by Val Lewton and Hammer Films, and works of fiction like those of James Bond. There is absolutely nothing sinister, negative, anti-social, evil, revengeful, deadly or demonic about CyphreVoudou. Contrary to the make-believe voodoo, CyphreVoudou is a positive, life-affirming enhancement and tool for betterment. In this respect, CyphreVoudou embraces traditional Voudou’s positive path. It should be noted that in Haiti, Voudou has been officially acknowledged as a bona fide belief system. CyphreVoudou is a philosophy: non-religious, non-political, non-racist, non-sexist. 

What is the Cyphre of CyphreVoudou?  There is nothing mysterious or nefarious about the cyphre – basically we use a simple transpositional alphabetical cyphre to write down our prayers, invocations, offerings, whatever. This is done solely to give more significance to the tools we use when working with our ancestors. Pretty much like using Latin in church or oghams or runes in the henge. Our cyphre enhances and adds seriousness, as well as gravitas, to CyphreVoudou. We do not insist on everyone using the cyphre and surely, the cyphre itself is not mandatory in your personal address to your elders.

Why is there a CyphreVoudou Offering?  We are all, admittedly, creatures of habit, and we seek security in what we do. The CyphreVoudou Offering is a tangible, simple affirmation of how we address our elders, deities, angels, saints – in order to request their energy and assistance in some task or to accomplish something challenging. Like tarot, runes, salt circles, herbals, candles, the Offering is but a tool to enable us to focus on our needs or requests, and with the Offering we have a sense of community and security. There are no strict rules on how to use the Offering, but rather, we include a suggested formula that we have found satisfies our human need for order and for proper respect. We are always available to help anyone create an Offering personalised to his or her needs. Again, this stresses a shared community – the strong thread that is the cornerstone of CyphreVoudou.

CyphreVoudou is an odyssey to your future past … we welcome you





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