The Lusty Devil ~ located on the Baltimore Docks
Always open, always welcoming! Yeah, it's a little impolite, and pretty noisy most of the time, but
damn, the grub is hot and fresh and abundant and the brew is ... well ... cold and plenty! And there 
are the ladies! Beauties to
appeal to any and all. Your ever-congenial host, Lusty McK (former 
rumrunner supreme), reigns over the place.
Rooms upstairs, cards in the back room, blessed darts here
and  there, pull up a chair and enjoy the non-stop music.
If Steve the bartender is asleep, just push him off his stool. Everyone else does.
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Heineken 12oz Stein

6.5"tall, 2.5"wide,

7" inside, 9"outer


Plain Stein
with Thumbpress

6" tall, 2 lbs.



Hamm's Glass Stein

Blue CrownTrees
original logo


Green Tint Stein

2.75" wide,
1.5 lbs


Hamm's Beer Tray

From 50's/60's ~
1 1/8" deep


Hamm's Beer Tray

From 50's/60's ~
1 1/8"deep



An Original Never-Used CocaCola
Stationary Bottle Opener

In the original box, with the 
original screws! Box is worn but 
all pieces are here. Heavy formed
metal opener meant for wall or
door frame mounting.



Vintage Budweiser
Churchkey & Keyring


The combination was
popular in the late
1950s/early 1960s.





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